July 1, 2006 by Shin

Finally I have got a chance to visit Salon Kitagawa again after moving to Taiwan in January. Before heading toward our destination, we have lunch in a sushi shop in Ochanomizu. Despite having lived in Japan for three years, it is merely my second time eating in a traditional sushi shop.

Six months without a chance to practice suspension in Taiwan, I almost forgot how to do gyakuebi right. Upon glancing my first try, Kitagawa and Shioda immediately say “don’t you think it looks too loose?” The first suspension is not a successful one. Kitagawa san quickly helps me out and points out what may be wrong.

On the way back, we pass by a supermarket hoping to find some fish liver. Then I find these watermelon in shibari! Well, akane says that it’s just how watermelons are sold in Japan. I think I have got to take a photo of them to show to my Taiwanese friends.

It’s been great meeting Kitagawa, Shioda and Runa. Hope to see them again soon!