July 17, 2007. by Shin

In middle of July, we received an email from mond, visiting Taipei from Berlin, Germany. She is only 23 years old, but she has been organising many events for SMJG in Berlin.

We met up in Xin-Yi area, close to the 101 building and Warner Village. It was not difficult to recognise her: the tall girl in tight black corsets and high-heels got everyone’s attention on the street! We went to a pub for a drink, and she told us a lot about the scene in Germany. SMJG, in which a 27 year-old member would be be considered old, sounds like a very active SM community in Germany.

mond is very friendly, talkative, and fun to be with. We talked about how differently people in Germany, Taiwan, and Japan run their local SM scenes, and yet these scenes still share something, good and bad, in common. Apparently she was very bored in Taipei, and unfortunately we could not organise a munch when she was in Taiwan. Still, she said she likes the city a lot and would like to visit again.

She promised to give me more information about BDSM in Germany. Let us wait and see!