April 8, 2007. by Shin and Akane

After the last performance of Nawatsuya 2006, the performaners, staffs, and nawashi Kazami Ranki, who came to Taiwan particularly for the show, headed off to a pub in Taipei to celebrate. Four months later in April, we received a copy of S&M Sniper, a prestige S & M magazine in Japan, with Kazami san’s photos and diary of that evening.

Dec. 3 (Sun)- 5 (Tue)

I visited Taiwan with the members of SM circle “Peak” since Mr. Mira Kurumi & Ms. Kano Chiaki would do a kinbaku performance there. It was like a sightseeing tour for me all the way from Narita Airport to the hotel in Taipei. 🙂

We arrived at the venue to find it was a Taipei city-owned establishment. Kind of like Osaka City Gymnasium? 🙂 Their SM performances were wonderful as always. Then we were invited to the after-party held by BDSM Taiwan. Around midnight, surprisingly and luckily, the organizer “Akane(ko)” (Akane: Oh, I was not, I was just a messenger or interpreter.) told me that some girls wanted to be tied, asking me if I could do that. Of course, I could not miss such a rare chance to tie Taiwan girls! I fully tied and suspended them until I felt enough and enough..

“I am happy to be tied. This was my first time and I was so excited,” one of the girls, who was a bit shy, said, according to Akane(ko)-chan’s interpretation. Through interpreting, the girl said, “I feel so thrilled that I am almost in love with you!” Not speaking Chinese, however, all I could say was just “Xie, xie (thank you)”..What a pity! 🙁 (Shin: Well.. it seemed that Akane’s euphemism caused some interesting bypassing…) Next I tied a model-like beauty and lastly suspended Akaneko-chan. She is a Japanese married to a Taiwanese guy. We were happy to have her there. Next day we did some sightseeing in Taipei and came back to Japan safe and sound. I would like to visit there again if I have another chance. The food was also good; I’d highly recommend it.