It was not as bad as this picture looks. Perhaps part of the tooth broke when being pulled.

April 2, 2007 by Shin

I’ve been telling myself this long list of things I will do once I settle down. Top on the list is to see a dentist. However, a year passed, and I still don’t feel settled down. My tooth cannot wait for me.

The evening of April 1st, my tooth suddenly ached so much that I could not sleep. I visited a nearby dentist the next day and was told that it had decayed very badly and, it being a wisdom tooth, we cannot do a root canal and had no option but having it pulled.

Although it’s merely pulling a tooth, I felt rather upset as if part of my body is amputated due to my own fault. Akane, who has healthy teeth and has never seen a pulled tooth before, examined it curiously.

By the way, tooth pulling is such a scary thing to do. I wonder how the dentists were trained to do it.