Photos taken on January 22, 2011.

The shibari photography site Rope Magic was established by Suzuki Reiji in 2003, which happened to be the year I moved to Japan. During the days when most shibari photos tend to imitate the dark theme from early SM magazines, the bright, elegant style of Suzuki stood out and became famous within the shibari circle.

In 2009 before we left Japan, we volunteered to be his model, and Suzuki san kindly agreed. Unfortunately we never managed to arrange the time, and had to wait until January 2011 when we went to Japan to perform in Toubaku to find the one day when we were all free. Suzuki efficiently did the shibari as well as the photo shooting all by himself.

Suzuki developed his own unique style of shibari. For more photos of Akari, see the gallery Blooming on Rope Magic.

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