Since around two years ago, friends in BDSM.TW have been encouraging me to publish a series of photos, following the successful Mai’s Midnight Rope Festival (舞夜繩祭) series of Mai Maya. Since then I have met many photographers and models, and accumulated quite a number of photos. For two years, however, the project has been stalling. I have only recently realised why: with each photo there is some memory, some sweet, some sorrow, and to present the photos is to recall the memories, face my true feelings, in order to tell a story. I am not sure I am ready for that yet.

Anyway, I have decided to push myself a bit. Here it goes.

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Year 2011, I was introduced to Franco Wang. He is interested in taking some shibari-themed photos, while I was excited to have this chance working with a famous photographer. However, Akaneko has lost her interest in modelling. I hesitated, until Franco persuaded me: “Catch the moment now, which will be precious years later.” I decided to ask Akaneko to model for a rope session again.

It was a happy experience working with Franco. “Just pretend that I were not here,” he would always say. We could do what we always did, and leave the photo shooting to him.

Franco is good at capturing the emotions beneath the scenes. I was lucky to have this chance.

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