因此我總拉著 Akaneko 到處拍照。「最後一次囉。這次拍完,你能滿意嗎?」拍照前,Akaneko 這麼對我說。照著既定的步調進行。地板、站立、抬腿、吊起….







同步刊載於皮繩愉虐邦[:en]Perhaps due to my fear of lost, I have been quite determined about having to keep some photos. Every moment is unique, as nothing lasts long. One’s feelings evolve with the passing of time. At the end of the day you are a different person facing a different person. Photography, however, is like magic that captures the key moment with the most saturated emotions.

Thus I have been pushing Akaneko to one photo session after another. She must be quite fed up, considering all the efforts needed before every session — making up, dressing up, warming up… “This will be the last time, okay?” said Akaneko before the photo session with Franco.

The photo session proceeded as planned. Some floor work, standing, lifting the thigh, and finally to the tsuri…

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