8/26. by Shin インキュバス主催の緊縛会に便乗してまちゅたの誕生日も祝ってもらいました!(以下の文章は、基本的にまちゅたが書いたモノをあかねこが訳しました)

About time for Incubus members to have a party again! The venue Kannon Studio, chosen by party organisers Tougo and Rui, looked rather familiar to us… It turned out that it was actually used in many video shooting. You might have seen it in one of your SM video collections.

After installing the carabiners, Tougo and Rui, and akane and I, tried to break the ice by showing off some suspension. These days I have been the most confident with yokotsuri, so I naturally started with it. As I was tying, oops, I noticed that Tougo was doing the same! Sigh, for some reason we always become imitators of Tougo and Rui, the model couple of Incubus.

I noticed that akane were discussing something with people behind my back but I thought nothing of it. For some reason, Kanna approached me, jokingly beat me and put a blindfold on me. I was then lead to the room inside. Still, I did not expect to see what I would see until they removed the blindfold…

Akaneko naked on the table with cream all over her! She arranged it to celebrate my birthday. How touching! I did not expect this to happy in my life! (sob, sob…) Thank you!

After the short celebration, we did some more shibari. I wanted to learn how to do tsuri with the Akechi style hishi-nawa. Kanna did not tell me any technical details but said “Just try.” I did. And for some reason it worked this time!

Well, sometimes it works, some times not. I have still got to find out what the secret is.

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謝謝epicure讓我看到這個網站,眞的好幸福壓 好特別難忘的生日呢 你真是個幸福的人

Hi Shin, This is Alice. We met through Pedro many years ago. I came to one Incubus party. Do you remember? How are you and Akaneko? Did you get married? I am wondering where Kanna is. Do you know?