Dec. 16, 2005, by Shin & akane

最後修改日期: 18 12 月, 2005



う~ん 我ながらいい筋肉を持っている。 自分に萌え~


いつもながら、よいですねー。 あっ、すいません、自分関連の画像をまた頂きたいのですが・・・ お手数ですが、よろしくお願いいたします^^


あ、俳優のひつじ様だ!「戦国自衛隊」楽しみにしてまーす。 写真は MM Shin に頼みまーす。

Oh, it seems exciting & beautiful! I really wanted to join in…and missed everyone. I could go to neither “kinbaku party” nor “Christmas party”! Now, I’m in Oslo. So, I’ll arrive at Tokyo 22th Dec. I hope to see you soon!


Tougo san! You left a message from Oslo, how nice of you! It’s a pity you missed the party. Rui san looked so lonely there… (will upload her lonely photo soon… 🙂 ). Rui and akaneko had dinner together today. Akaneko came home rather late and looked really happy after talking with her. Rui is an angel. 🙂 It seems that you are doing a very difficult job in Norway. お疲れさまでした! Please come home safely for Christmas!