July 1, 2006 by Shin

一月搬回台灣,將近半年之後終於有機會再度拜訪喜多川沙龍。中午我們在御茶水附近一家有名的壽司店吃午餐。回想起來,雖然在日本住了三年,這僅是我第二次吃傳統壽司店呢。Finally I have got a chance to visit Salon Kitagawa again after moving to Taiwan in January. Before heading toward our destination, we have lunch in a sushi shop in Ochanomizu. Despite having lived in Japan for three years, it is merely my second time eating in a traditional sushi shop.

將近半年沒有練習吊縛,發現自己幾乎「武功全廢」了。第一次試綁,喜多川與 Shioda 兩人看一眼便說:「太鬆了吧?」看來我不但手感消失,連眼力也退化了。

在喜多川的指導之下,總算是漸漸找回感覺。趁著機會拍了幾張照片。Six months without a chance to practice suspension in Taiwan, I almost forgot how to do gyakuebi right. Upon glancing my first try, Kitagawa and Shioda immediately say “don’t you think it looks too loose?” The first suspension is not a successful one. Kitagawa san quickly helps me out and points out what may be wrong.

回家路上經過超級市場,希望能找到想吃的魚肝。果然是沒有,不過發現了這幾顆龜甲縛西瓜.. !

akane 說日本西瓜都這麼賣。我看了倒是覺得很新奇,連忙拍照給台灣的朋友們看。

很高興又見到喜多川、Shioda、Runa 等人。希望很快能有機會再見!On the way back, we pass by a supermarket hoping to find some fish liver. Then I find these watermelon in shibari! Well, akane says that it’s just how watermelons are sold in Japan. I think I have got to take a photo of them to show to my Taiwanese friends.

It’s been great meeting Kitagawa, Shioda and Runa. Hope to see them again soon!

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Nice set . . . skillsets like that become rusty with disuse so take it slow and easy . . . safety first . . . 🙂 I couldn’t eat that stuff but then I don’t actually like seafood (weird for someone living in Taiwan by choice but there ya go) . . . the watermelons do look . . . unique . . . 🙂 – Brian

surprised you didn’t practice in Taiwan. not because there isn’t model, right?


Brian, thanks. 🙂 Many of my western friends don’t like sea food because they mentally don’t feel they’ve consumed much protein from the fish. Now I’m trying to figure out how the melons are tied. tietight, well, it’s more due to lack of venue. I don’t know of any place in Taipei with sufficient installation to suspend people. Apart from the pull-up bars in the park, that is.

傾きをなくすために 軸縄を3本取っているんだね。 だけど しばらくぶりに縄を持ったでしょ。