November 18, 2006 by Shin

為了幫兩週後的夜色繩艷 2006 宣傳,皮繩愉虐邦辦了一場萬聖節扮裝 party. 我們又得上場囉!

如同大部分場地,這裡沒辦法做吊縛。吊縛難度高,但有了它,確定會有些好東西可以給觀眾看,心裡總比較安穩。少了個掛環,我便真的不知道能做什麼,只能靠真材實料的演技取勝了。akane 還是表現得很好,大家喜歡她自然的陶醉表情。沒有與她的默契,我是沒法做這種演出的。As a promotion for the incoming Nawatsuya 2006, people in BDSM Taiwan decided to organise a halloween costume party, and we would again do some shibari to entertain our guests!

Like most venues in Taiwan, it is not possible to do tsuri (suspension) in this cafe. Tsuri is technically difficult, but with it I am more confident that I can offer something to wow the audience with. Without the hook, we had to rely on good acting. Akaneko did a good job. They always loved to see her facial expression. It is only with her that I could do such a performance.

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明子美呆了,小林帥呆了。 音樂配上動作也很棒!下次沒有明子我不要看小林表演了~ :p (後來衣服如何了?)


> 下次沒有明子我不要看小林表演了~ 哼.. 我就知道妳總是利用我當幌子,別有居心… p_q 後來衣服送給傳統洗衣店洗了(那種連鎖店看了看之後說沒把握,建議我去傳統店洗),沒說容不容易弄好。這週六可以拿,到時候就知道囉~

照片拍的真好,當天人好多, 人頭一直遮來遮去的 還是照片清楚^^ 當天那個美國人馬丁一直說:明子的表情非常棒呢 我也覺得明子的表情好專業歐 可惜只有現場才看的到囉

How bearuthiful your shibari with cross is! Candle light is so erotic…… I’m really glad to see your updates.

> 哼.. 我就知道妳總是利用我當幌子,別有居心… p_q 哪有啊~ 我是認真的覺得,有明子在的小林表演很棒呢! 就像是加承的效果一樣。 (肖想明子的是我家小妹妹啦~ XD)

小林的表演 一直都讓人有賞心悅目的感覺 應該是手法的關係 也因為明子的關係 讓人想一看再看 看後回味的一種深度中毒呢


えー、おひさしぶりです・・・。 相変わらず、活躍してますね^^b 今度、千秋さんが、そちらで公演するそうですね。 行きたいけど、行けない(笑) ひつじも、がんばって縛ってますよ! ではでは^^b


Ruiさん わーい、お久しぶりです。Ruiさんたちのサイトは相変わらずGood! 6月の日記でしたけど、初潮記事に興味しんしんです。 ひつじさん 最近は多忙なんですが、そう、今週末の千秋さん&狂美さん公演準備で、ますます忙しくなりそうです。 これが「千秋舞綻˙魔宴狂美」のページなんですが、 重すぎでよっぽど時間がある時に開いて下さい。 テキストだけなら(中国語ですが)こちらを見てね。

Interesting set . . . were the audience members folks familiar with you and what you do or were they newbies or mundanes?


Brian, The party was a promotion event for our performance (this weekend! oh my god!). There were lots of new faces in the party, but they are mostly more or less into BDSM. We also asked them to dress up in black and blue, or their favourite fetish wear. 🙂

Shin/epicure, I didn’t realize you two were back to posting–a new friend was sending me pics of things she liked, and three of the five photos were of you. Nice to see you again–I really like the small cross on this set. Makes things much more portable–and the suit was a nice touch, as well. Cheers, Graydancer


Graydancer, I’m curious which pics they were? 🙂 As you can see, we have been very busy for a big event. We just invited several Japanese performers to Taiwan and held a performance. I’d wish that I could post more but, being very preoccupied, we did not have much time for shibari in our private life, apart from these promotion events… I’m been reading/listening to your ropecast too. You are doing a great job there!