November 18, 2006 by Shin

為了幫兩週後的夜色繩艷 2006 宣傳,皮繩愉虐邦辦了一場萬聖節扮裝 party. 我們又得上場囉!

如同大部分場地,這裡沒辦法做吊縛。吊縛難度高,但有了它,確定會有些好東西可以給觀眾看,心裡總比較安穩。少了個掛環,我便真的不知道能做什麼,只能靠真材實料的演技取勝了。akane 還是表現得很好,大家喜歡她自然的陶醉表情。沒有與她的默契,我是沒法做這種演出的。As a promotion for the incoming Nawatsuya 2006, people in BDSM Taiwan decided to organise a halloween costume party, and we would again do some shibari to entertain our guests!

Like most venues in Taiwan, it is not possible to do tsuri (suspension) in this cafe. Tsuri is technically difficult, but with it I am more confident that I can offer something to wow the audience with. Without the hook, we had to rely on good acting. Akaneko did a good job. They always loved to see her facial expression. It is only with her that I could do such a performance.