December 24, 2006

祝大家耶誕快樂!Merry Christmas to everyone!メリークリスマス!

感謝才第二次見面就送了我們一對可愛貓耳朵的小色喵喵。白色馬甲則是唯美館的產品。相當合身,確實如他們所說是適合東方人穿著的 fetish wear。過年想添購新衣的朋友們可以考慮唷!Thanks to MeowMeow who gave us these pair of lovely cat ears. The white corset is from YME House, our friends in Hong Kong. The aim of the company is to design fetish wear suitable for Asian people, and indeed corset fits very well. Visit their online store if you are thinking about getting some new dress for the new year!ラブリーな猫耳は、千秋さんと狂美さんの台湾公演に来てくれた MeowMeow から。白いコルセットは香港でアダルトグッズをデザイン/製造/販売している友人から。ありがとう!お店の方は YME HOUSE と言って、アジア人にフィットするボンデージ衣装を作っています。確かにイイ感じ。もうすぐ新年だし、何か新しい衣装を探している人は YME HOUSE のオンライン・ストアをのぞいて見ては?

最後修改日期: 24 12 月, 2006



Cute! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you good folks too! BTW, don’t forget to tell folks that this weekend is their last chance to see my hypnosis show this year! I have two performances, Fri. and Sat. at different venues! Tell them they can get the info at (bilingual) and the show is in English AND Chinese. 🙂 I hope you will be ringing in the New Year in a special way as well! BTW, my wife has cat ears very very similar to those. 🙂 The corset here is cute . . . need to match the outfit to the ears a bit more to really get the effect . . . oh, back when I was doing erotic hypnosis MP3s, the most popular piece was a “feline fantasy” where the woman imagines she is a “cat woman in heat” . . . since it’s hypnosis, she can actually FEEL the change in the body and fur and teeth and tail. Very neat. 🙂 Happy New Year and Merry Christmas and Blessed Be! – Brian


Dear Brian, Happy New Year to you too! I’ll tell people about your performance. Unfortunately, Akane’s parents are visiting us from Japan, so we have to be with them. But I’ll post the message on a BBS my friends usually go to. Where did your wife get the cat ears? The ears in the photos were gifts from a friend. We thought she probably made them herself… I’ve heard of the “feline fantasy” thing, but in the reverse way — some Japanese cartoon lovers seems to have a fantasy about girls wear cat outfit, or cats looking like girls, I don’t know. I’ve seen adult computer games using this theme…


小色喵喵?好久沒看到她上網了,還以為她消失了呢! 祝大家新年都能萬事如意!

I think she may have gotten them at Toys R Us years ago! Either that or one of the various “costume” shops that pop up around Halloween. My wife made a similar pair years ago for our daughter as well for a Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay outfit. I know what you mean about the neko fantasy. However, the furry fantasy and furry fetish is rather alive as well. A friend of mine did an erotic hypnosis show at a fetish convention in the US and a bunch of the girls on stage were nude except for feline bodypaint. Images at and will give you an idea. For obvious reasons, I can’t do pubic fetish hypnosis type performances here in Taiwan but I know there are folks interested in such things and we are considering booking some later gigs to do some more risque adult shows (R-rated, can’t do complete X here). Of course, private events are a different matter. 🙂


台灣大哥二 , 我們最近也只有在夜色繩艷表演時見到她。不知道她看不看得到這邊? 🙂 Brian, interesting feline fetish photos! Do let me know if you will organise a show with an erotic theme. We can advertise it on the BDSM website. 🙂

Of course, I will! BTW, I am teaching a short workshop on Lovers Hypnosis in January some folks might be interested in. We’re teaching a longer Special Valentine Lovers Hypnosis workshop in February the weekend before Valentine’s day as well. We’ll be doing some hypnosis techniques to increase intimacy, revitalize romance, and – of course – pleasure anchors which can be very erotic. Some of the folks on your site might be interested. It’s at the Chinese Culture University ext. center. The class is taught in English and Chinese. The info is on my webpage at in both languages too. As to erotic shows . . . we’re looking for a venue for later evening shows to do them. However, we can setup private shows for parties or do workshops or events for groups like yours if they want to set ’em up. The info is always on the webpage. Wow, you’ve really done some nice photoshoots and events lately. Speaking of costumes and the like . . . there’s a big cosplay in February in Taipei . . . . . . 🙂