March 14. by Shin

We mentioned in our article about the White Day that there was an accident. Here are the details.

The plan was to take a photo like this.

I planned to take some photos acting hanging. I would wrap the rope on Akane’s neck, and ask her to stand on her toes. I used to believe that as long as any part of her body was touching the ground, she would be able to shift the weight and it would be safe.

So I wrapped the rope on her neck and said to her “Tell me if you feel anything uncomfortable” before pulling the rope and making her standing on her toes. Then I fastened the rope using the standard procedure. It shouldn’t have taken more than 20 seconds before I fastened the rope.

Then I noticed that Akane was not able to stand!

In panic, I tried to release her as quick as possible. She came back to conscience after trembling for several seconds, coughing. She said the last thing she remembered was when I said “Tell me if you feel anything uncomfortable.” The next thing she know, she was lying on the floor already. Later she recalled that she did saw all her memory flying before her eyes. It was merely several tens of seconds for me, but she felt it was quite long.

We were both quite shocked. Although she was on the noose for several seconds only, that was intense enough to leave a red mark, which stayed on her neck for about a week.

Perhaps it was not possible for people to stand on the toes for too long, unless there were some other supports. When she was not able to support her body on her toes anymore, the weight just fell on the neck and cut her oxygen supply.

At any rate, tying the neck is extremely dangerous. We were lucky this time. I would advice you never attempt to try it at all!