Nov. 24, 2005, by akane
為了慶祝涉谷 SM bar PRIMO 女王狩野千秋在十一月廿三日的生日,當週有一連串的活動。我們決定去廿四日在新宿的「第十五屆女子SM之夜」看看。一些老朋友們已經先到了。由於他們已是 PRIMO 的常客,PRIMO 的珊瑚真理也到我們這桌坐檯。很幸運哩!

晚上的表演先由 Mini 的繩縛秀開始。我們在池袋的繩縛課曾見過 Mini, 想不到她還記得我們。雖然她的身材確實很「迷你」,一站上檯還是相當有氣勢。伊藤舞活力十足的舞蹈、自縛棒得沒話說。接下來是千秋與幾位來賓的座談。名作家団鬼六與大黒堂ミロ也來捧場。団鬼六的身體近年來越來越差,今天似乎是從醫院溜出來的。最後的高潮當然是千秋的繩縛表演。

結束之前,千秋宣佈她已經正式買下 PRIMO。接下來的一個月將進行改裝,並更改店名。生日快樂!






Nov. 23 was the birthday of nawashi Chiaki Kano, who works in SM bar PRIMO as a hostess. That week several events were held to celebrate her birthday. We chose to go to “The 15th Girls’ SM Night: Chiaki Kano’s SM Birthday Party” in Shinjuku, Tokyo, on Nov. 24. Some of our friends, PRIMO’s frequent customers, were there already. Thanks to their presence, PRIMO’s girls Mistress Sango and Mistress Mari waited on our table :).

The night started with a kinbaku performance by Mistress Mini, an old friend of ours (I was happy that she recognized us!). Although she has a “mini” figure indeed, in her kimono she looked so cool on stage. I was so stunned by Mai Ito’s energetic and alluring dancing, followed by a masochistic self-suspension with a red candle. So sexy she was. Next, the girls’ talk show was lots of fun. The famous SM novelist Oniroku Dan, together with Miro Daikokudo also joined the talk show later. Oniroku Dan has been rather ill recently, but insisted on running away from the hospital to show up here. The highlight of the night came finally, of course, with Chiaki’s kinbaku performance.

In the end, Chiaki announced the bar’s renewal. She is now the owner of the bar. It will be redecorated and given a new name. Happy Birthday, Chiaki-san!

(The following photos were our friends’.)