September 30, 2006 by Shin

抑不住現場的感動,我還是與皮繩愉虐邦的夥伴們參加了今年的同志大遊行,並第一次和 akane 同行。照片與詳情後述。回到家中,友人立刻通知,「快看東森的網站!」

「女同志大露美背 性感遊行去~」這是新聞標題。看照片,啊,那可不是 akane 嗎!

記者寫道:「而今日也有四對女同志舉行婚禮,由台北市大家長馬英九主持,性學博士許佑生以「第一對在台灣公開同志結婚」過來人的經驗,分享同志結婚生活。在遊行的女同志中,有一位女同志因露出性感美背,獲得不少眼光,也殺光不少攝影記者的底片。」雖然故做謙虛貌,akane 還是爽在心裡,於是命我速來個快報。 🙂
Eventually, I still decided to walk with my friends of BDSM Taiwan in Taiwan Pride 2006. More photos and stories to come!

Back to home, we were soon informed by our friend: “Hey, check ETToday now!”

“Lesbian showing off beautiful back in the parade!” says the headline. And hey, isn’t it akane in the picture?

“A wedding ceremony of four lesbian couples was administered by Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), mayor of Taipei.” the article says, “Dr. Hsu You-Sheng (許佑生), as the first publicly married gay in Taiwan, also shared his advices on married life. Among the parade participants, a lesbian revealing her sexy, beautiful back attracted lots of attention, and the press photographers cannot stop pressing their shutters.

Wahahahaha… 🙂

いろいろあり最初は応援だけの予定だったけれど、結局皮縄愉虐邦 みんなと台湾ゲイパレード2006に参加しました。もっと写真と文章も後で追加しますね:)

クタクタになって帰宅すると友達から 東森新聞のサイト をチェックするように連絡が!「『女同志大露美背 性感遊行去~(パレードでセクシーな:)背中をさらすレズビアン)』ってあかねこの写真じゃない??」


(あかねこ追加:ははは、台北市長と教授とあかねこが同じ文章に出ちゃったよ:)訳は MM SHIN の英語にできるだけ忠実にしているだけですよぅ)

最後修改日期: 1 10 月, 2006



今天和朋友相約東區吃飯 很巧的剛好遇到同志遊行 也看到了皮繩愉虐邦的成員 akaneko身材之好~皮膚超白晰 讓我和朋友為之讚嘆^^ 你們是couple嗎??


Somehow I don’t think the photographers were interested so much in her beautiful “back” as they were in her “backside” (butt). So, where are YOUR photos of the event? And the dress. 🙂 Interesting twist on coverage.


巧,謝謝你的誇獎!akaneko 很高興呢。嗯,我們是 married couple. 🙂 您是?有空來皮繩愉虐邦的活動玩吧! Tougo, the journalist was perhaps pretty confused what a SM group is doing in a gay parade. 🙂 Brian, I also thought the “butt” was what the journalist had in mind when he wrote “back (背)”! 🙂 It is an maid dress bought in Japan.