Nov. 21, 2005, by akane

After the kinbaku party, I had been unhappy for a while. Organizing something is not always fun, actually. At home, I kicked the wall, cried and screamed at MM Shin…. Knowing my irritation and sadness, the lovely Rui traveled to the bar S in Ikebukuro all the way with her cookies. All she did was listening to me, and for some reason I started to feel alright. I realized it was really trivial…. Shame on me! MM Shin kept saying, “Why, why? It’s like magic. Whatever I said to her, whatever I did, nothing worked! Then, you see! What magic charm did Rui use?” I don’t know why, either. She is just magical…

I and MM Shin enjoyed her cookies. They contained chocolates and various nuts. Wonderful. How can such a sexy working woman make such delicious American cookies! …Because she is a wizard (MM Shin told me not use the word “witch.” Why?)? Check her website !

… What bothered me in the first place? My diary says: “How can we deal with our own egoism, which always sticks around? How can we be innocent enough along with our ego? Innocence is not always good. It unintentionally hurts people. (I don’t mean I am innocent at all.) It doesn’t matter at all any more, though. All I can be sure now is MM Shin is just a nice guy. (Cryptic?)” … Yeah, cryptic even to me….